Who we are

SoCalCSA is owned and operated by Allen & Lydia Herndon.  We are an organic fruit and vegetable farm located in Orange Cove, California.  Our farm does not use any animal products, chemicals or compounds.  We have designed our farm to produce a large variety of fruits and vegetables all year long.  To consistently provide you a fresh weekly box of mixed produce we partner with other California certified organic farms.

Here are our GROW values!
G – Global awareness – all we do is connected to our one planet.
R – Respect for our planet – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
O – Organic – farming practices and partnerships
W – Waste reduction – reusable boxes, energy efficient materials and transportation

We truly hope you enjoy our produce and the knowledge that you are supporting organic California farms.

Allen & Lydia Herndon

Freckled Sunlight Farm
Farm Address: 24109 Clayton Ave., Orange Cove, CA 93646
Los Angeles office phone: (818) 963-8239